GMI overview page

What is GMI?

GMI is a pool that contains multiple "multi-pools." Each multi-pool is made up of three V3 pools with the following fee tiers: 0.05%, 0.3%, and 1%. You can acquire GMI using any WLP token that is supported by GMI. By holding GMI, you can earn fees from all the multi-pools within the GMI ecosystem.

Why Consider GMI?

Think of GMI as an excellent tool for diversification. With GMI, there's no need to worry about losses, whether they are permanent or impermanent; they simply don't exist. Profits generated from all multi-pools within GMI are distributed among GMI holders in proportion to each holder's share of GMI.

Important Note

Please be aware that GMI tokens cannot be transferred between wallets.

How to Get GMI

Step One: Acquire WLP

  1. Visit and click on the "GMI" tab, then scroll down.

  2. You will see a list of strategies supported by GMI. Here are some key terms:

    • TVL: Total Value Locked within a multi-pool

    • Max Cap: Required liquidity depth

    • Percentage Field: The difference between TVL and Max Cap

    • Premium: The WAGMI premium currently promised for the multi-pool’s WLP

Before selecting your desired multi-pool, carefully analyze the above data. Detailed information on how to work with strategies can be found here.

Step Two: Join GMI

  1. Once you have a WLP token from a strategy supported by GMI that you wish to exchange for GMI, head back to the "GMI" tab.

WAGMI + sWAGMI requiremet for entering GMI

WAGMI + sWAGMI Ratio for GMI Entry

Currently, users combined WAGMI and sWAGMI (staked WAGMI) holdings need to meet the required threshold for joining the GMI. To qualify, the sum of your WAGMI and sWAGMI must be at least 25% of the WAGMI amount that is reserved for your GMI position.

In case of not meeting the threshold - Additional WAGMI or sWAGMI is needed for Entry

To proceed with your intended wLP (Wrapped Liquidity Position), you need to acquire an additional WAGMI. This will elevate your combined WAGMI + sWAGMI holdings to the necessary level for GMI participation.

  1. Here you will see exactly how many GMI tokens you will receive in exchange for your WLP. Additionally, you'll see the following:

  • WAGMI Reserved: The quantity of WAGMI tokens you will receive in exchange for GMI

  • Premium Locked: The premium percentage is calculated based on your choice of WLP, and the resulting premium is then added to your WAGMI balance.

  • Actual APR: The annual percentage rate, considering GMI share recalculation dynamics.

  • Initial APR: The initial annual percentage rate.

Note: By exchanging your WLP tokens for GMI, you transfer ownership of the WLP tokens. In return, you become a GMI holder and start earning fees from all multi-pools supported by GMI. When GMI holders close their liquidity farming positions, they exchange their GMI tokens for WAGMI tokens. The amount of WAGMI tokens available for exchange is a fixed quantity, determined at the time of acquiring GMI.

Step Three: Manage Your Position

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard: Once you have acquired GMI, head over to the "Dashboard" tab and click on the GMI card.

  1. On the GMI Page, you can find the following information:

    • GMI Balance and Share: When someone exits from GMI, 50% of their vested GMI is distributed among all current GMI holders. This increases each holder's share of GMI, thereby boosting profits.

    • Locked WAGMI Amount Available for Vesting: This shows the amount of WAGMI that you can vest.

    • Current Max Premium to Enter: Remember from the first screenshot in this document, users who enter GMI not only reserve WAGMI tokens for vesting but also receive a premium (a percentage of WAGMI reserved). Different multi-pools promise varying premiums depending on their liquidity.

      • Liquidity Indicator: The liquidity percentage field (the difference between multi-pool TVL and its Max Cap) serves as an indicator.

        • If the Percentage Field is 50% or less, users can enter GMI using the multi-pool WLP with a 20% premium.

        • If the Percentage Field is 90% or more, the premium drops to 0 since the multi-pool is almost full.

    • Track Your Earnings: In the middle panel, you can track fees that you have earned in every token from all multi-pools supported by GMI. These can be found on the right side of the panel.

    • Claim Tokens: By clicking on "Claim," you can open a pop-up where you can choose which tokens you would like to claim.

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