Our mission

Wagmi mission in DeFi

The WAGMI protocol is a limited TVL decentralized exchange with advanced liquidity provision strategies and GMI mechanics.

A strategy can be considered a form of liquidity management that WAGMI oversees. Users don't need to wonder which pool is currently providing higher yields while keeping their funds secure. Our strategy ensures that price ranges in all pools are carefully selected, along with thoughtful diversification among them.

Furthermore, WAGMI is continuously monitoring strategies and analyzing current market conditions. This enables an auto-rebalance mechanism to adjust strategy settings in a way that ensures higher rewards at all times, regardless of market shifts. Users' positions will always be within a set price range.

GMI represents a pool within which we have multiple multi-pools, and each multi-pool consists of multiple V3 pools. Users can acquire GMI with any WLP token that is supported by GMI and, by holding GMI, earn fees from all multi-pools inside the GMI.

GMI also serves as a diversification tool. Profit from all multi-pools that exist inside GMI is shared among GMI holders according to each holder’s GMI share.

The initial implementation of the Wagmi protocol took place on the Zksync Era mainnet. Shortly after that, it was deployed on Fantom Opera.

Our latest deployment was on Kava with enhanced features such as advanced liquidity provision strategies and GMI mechanics. In the future, it will be deployed on other blockchain networks via the omni layer, allowing for greater decentralization and accessibility.

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