Joining the Strategy

How to Join a Strategy?

To join a strategy, users need to possess two tokens that are a part of the desired pool. For instance, to participate in the ATOM/KAVA strategy, users should have both ATOM and KAVA tokens.

It's essential to note that the ratio of tokens entering the pool usually doesn't maintain a 50:50 balance like in standard AMMs. This ratio is dynamic and changes with every trade based on our strategy.

Steps to Join:

  1. Input the amount of your chosen token0 you wish to contribute. Taking our example, let's assume it's 100 ATOM.

  2. The system will then calculate the required amount of token1, contingent upon the amount of token0 you plan to contribute.

  1. Detailed pool ratios and allocations can be found under the "Open position/Join" button. In our instance:

  • 50% of the deposited liquidity will be allocated to the 0.05% pool.

  • 20% of the deposited liquidity will be directed to the 0.3% pool - Left side.

  • 20% of the deposited liquidity will be channeled to the 0.3% pool - Right side.

  • 5% of the deposited liquidity will be allotted to the 1% pool - Left side.

  • 5% of the deposited liquidity will be assigned to the 1% pool - Right side.

  1. After joining the strategy with WLP, user gets 2 options:

Stake WLP or join GMI.

In option 1 - Stake - another popup will occur for user to approve and stake the desired WLP amount.

Once you staked your WLP tokens, your position will appear under Your staked positions.

Difference Between Strategy and Staked Strategy

If you opt to stake your WLP within our strategy, it offers the benefit of enhanced value tracking.

In the default strategy, users can merely observe the value growth of their WLP. However, in the staked strategy, users can view the exact number of tokens accrued as the liquidity remains staked. Should you wish to participate in GMI using your WLP tokens, it's necessary first to unstake your WLP.

Furthermore, staked strategies provide the advantage of eliminating impermanent losses. During times of significant market volatility, the Wagmi protocol commits to compensating any losses that may arise during rebalancing. The amount repaid is presented in WAGMI tokens, situated above the "claim fees" button.

However, remember, if your strategy remains unstaked, you forfeit the right to any reimbursements in Wagmi tokens.

Fee Structure

Wagmi protocol imposes a 20% fee for utilizing our strategies.

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