V3 liquidity pools

Version 3 Liquidity Pools in WAGMI


The V3 liquidity pools brings innovation that enhances the experience for liquidity providers (LPs) and traders. Key improvements include concentrated liquidity and multiple fee tiers. These changes collectively offer LPs unprecedented control, capital efficiency, and risk management capabilities.

Key Features

Concentrated Liquidity

Concentrated liquidity fundamentally changes the way liquidity providers can participate in the pool. Instead of providing liquidity across the entire price spectrum, LPs can choose specific price ranges where their capital will be used. These individual positions, customized for each LP, are then aggregated to create a single, unified curve that traders interact with.


  • Granular Control: LPs can target their liquidity provision to particular price ranges where they expect more trading activity.

  • Capital Efficiency: The concentrated nature allows for up to 4000x more capital efficiency compared to Version 2, meaning LPs can earn more from their deployed capital.

Multiple Fee Tiers

V3 pools introduce the concept of multiple fee tiers, which allow LPs to earn different rates based on the perceived risk associated with their chosen pool and price range.


  • Risk Compensation: Different assets and price ranges carry various levels of risk. Multiple fee tiers allow LPs to be compensated accordingly.

Advantages of V3 Pools

Unmatched Capital Efficiency

The system design enables liquidity providers to deploy their capital with remarkable efficiency. This translates to:

  • Higher Returns: More targeted capital means higher returns for liquidity providers.

  • Low Slippage: The capital efficiency enables low-slippage trades that can rival or even outperform centralized exchanges and stablecoin-focused Automated Market Makers (AMMs).

Enhanced Exposure and Risk Management

The design innovations also permit LPs to increase their exposure to assets they are bullish on, while minimizing their downside risk. This customization results in:

  • Tailored Risk Profile: LPs can focus on their preferred assets.

  • Smarter Asset Allocation: LPs can strategically decide where to place their capital to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Innovative Trading Strategies

By adding liquidity to price ranges entirely above or below the current market price, LPs can essentially create fee-earning limit orders. These limit orders execute along a smooth curve, enabling:

  • Optimized Trading: More opportunities for traders to interact with the liquidity pool.

  • Strategic Liquidity Provision: LPs can use their market predictions to earn fees by facilitating trades within their chosen price range.


The V3 update to decentralized liquidity pools brings about a transformative change in how both liquidity providers and traders interact with the protocol. With features like concentrated liquidity and multiple fee tiers, it offers unparalleled capital efficiency, control, and flexibility, making it the most advanced AMM model to date.

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