Vesting into WAGMI

As a GMI holder, you can vest your GMI tokens into WAGMI at any time. To do this, click the "GET WAGMI" button on the GMI page, which will navigate you to the Vesting page.

Here, you have the option to swap your GMI tokens for WAGMI tokens.


  1. Choose the Amount: Select the amount of GMI you wish to swap.

  2. Calculation: The amount of WAGMI you will receive is calculated as a percentage based on your position balance. For example, if you have 200 GMI and 1000 locked WAGMI:

    • Swapping 100 GMI (which is 50% of your GMI balance) will give you 500 WAGMI (50% of your locked WAGMI).


If you decide that you're not going to make it (NGMI), please be fully aware of the implications before proceeding.

If you exit early, you will lose all WAGMI tokens that have not yet vested.

If the vesting period is completely over, you can claim all WAGMI tokens without any losses.

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