What we plan to deliver

A short list of goals of building our vision into reality

  1. The launch of a suite of DeFi products and services, including decentralized exchange (DEX), yield farming opportunities, automated strategies, limit orders, leverage and more – all designed with the community's needs in mind.

  2. The establishment of a decentralized autonomous organization (Wagmi DAO) to facilitate community input and decision-making.

  3. Interoperability - One of the key features of the Wagmi protocol plans to do is interoperability. By leveraging the omni layer technology, the protocol can interact with multiple blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of DeFi applications and assets. This cross-chain functionality not only broadens the scope of the Wagmi protocol's services but also promotes a more inclusive and connected DeFi ecosystem.

  4. Ongoing education and outreach programs of our products to promote greater awareness and understanding of DeFi and its potential benefits.

  5. Strategic partnerships and collaborations with other projects to foster a more interconnected and collaborative DeFi ecosystem.

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