Our Partners

Our Official Partners.

Here, at Popsicle Finance, we give extreme importance to the entities we collaborate with. That is why our official partners are some of the most respected players in the Crypto and DeFi space, that share with us the ideal of mutual assistance aimed towards the creation of an easy-to-use and performing cross-chain ecosystem.

Our Partners:


We partnered with Tether to create fUSDt, the first and only official non-custodial tether wrapper that will become the standard stablecoin trading pair for all chains.

Yearn Finance

Yearn Finance to us is the project that really lives the values of what DeFi should be, furthermore their team has an amazing experience at creating various yield optimization strategies.


With Raydium, we aim to build a technology that allows users to bridge liquidity to Solana, from Ethereum and other chains.


Sushiswap has proved to be the most decentralized governed AMM and it has also been the first to support multiple chains, both values that we consider extremely important. Thanks to this collaboration, we are sure that we will help develop an efficient and decentralized market!

Cream Finance

Cream Finance is one of the most innovative decentralized lending protocols, with the ability of the Ironbank to offer cross-chain flash loans they are leading the path for cross-chain lending.

Blockchain Research Lab

Blockchain Research Lab is a leading scientific research lab in the blockchain space, with a special focus on trading researches. Read more about what our partnership will bring to the DeFi ecosystem here on our medium.

Check out their research on Active Liquidity Management here.


Our mission is to bring liquidity wherever it is needed, thus we do not directly partner with specific blockchains as we are open to working with whoever has active users and liquidity. Currently, we are active on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom, we are expecting to be on Solana and Terra very soon.

Work with us:

We believe that collaboration is the key to success, that is why Popsicle Finance is always eager to find new partners that will allow our cross-chain family to grow as much as possible! If your company shares our vision and would like to help us shape the future of DeFi, please contact one of our team members on Discord!

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