Our Vision

How we imagine the future of the DeFi Space.

The Current Situation:

The current blockchain (crypto) ecosystem is not chain-agnostic. Users have to decide whether they want to use Ethereum, Fantom Opera, BNB Chain, or any other chain. Having these unlinked silos is sub-optimal, especially for an interoperable, efficient financial infrastructure. Popsicle Finance believes that we, as the blockchain (crypto) space, should be working together rather than individually on separate chains.

Our Contribution:

We believe users have the right to decide how much they care about decentralization or where they want their assets to be utilized for whatever motivation. Therefore, we have seen a need for a service that provides access to liquidity everywhere, no matter to what chain. Furthermore, access to different DeFi tools should be everywhere and to everyone, regardless of which chain they reside on. Providing liquidity cross-chain is not where popsicle finance will end its journey. Our Vision is to give users access to all DeFi products on all chains to the point where a user does not even have to consider which chain they are on.

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