Our Bug Bounties

Popsicle Finance values security above everything else. Find here all the details about our bug bounties programs!

Immunefi Bounty Program

We partnered with Immunefi, a leader in the industry for white hats compensations and bug discoveries, to host on their website a bug bounty program here. A user who has found a vulnerability or bug in our code, and wants to get rewarded for that, can submit a report directly through Immunefi's website and will be compensated accordingly to the Threat Level and Importance of the discovery.

You can find all the details about our program (rules of participation, payout amounts per threat level, etc etc) directly on Immunefi's popsicle dedicated page at the following link.

Bear in mind that only users who follows the rules of participation will be allowed to take part in the bug bounty program and therefore be compensated!

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