Sorbetto Fragola

How to guide on how to use Sorbetto Fragola!

Using Sorbetto Fragola UI

First of all, make sure to be connected to either Ethereum or Arbitrum, as our V3 Optimiser is currently only available there!

You will be redirected to a page that will look the following:

The buttons on the top will allow you to switch between all the available pools or any currently open positions.

The "V3 Optimiser" page is divided into 2 sections:

  • Popular: Popular Pools with high yields opportunities

  • All Opportunities: All pools currently available on Fragola!

Each pools frame tells you the assets you will be LPing, the Fee Tier of that pool as well as the current APR! If you click on the "i" you will access a frame that will give you a breakdown of the APR.

Remember that Fragola APRs are displayed as the average over a particular timeframe of the fee collected by the pool. In this frame you can see the different APRs approximated using 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days timeframe.

Opening a Position:

You can open a new position and join the desired pool by clicking on the "Join" button.

Let's use the USDC/WETH pool as an example:

The First frame will allow you to select what assets you want to use to join the position.

You have 3 options:

  • Provide ETH and USDC in the exact percentage amounts that the PLP range is currently in. If the pool is at a 70/30 ratio then the user will put 70% ETH and 30% USDC. You can do this by selecting both USDC and ETH and clicking on the "NEXT" button.

  • Join the Sorbetto liquidity pool with either USDC or ETH alone. Fragola then swaps for the exact amounts of the current pool ratio and then joins Sorbetto (all in one transaction!) You can do so by selecting only one between USDC and ETH.

  • Join the Sorbetto liquidity using any tokens you want. Fragola will swap that token for the pool's assets in the exact amount and it will join the position! You can do so by selecting the "Use Other Tokens" button.

    (Zapping involves a higher gas cost as well as slippage, which can get significant when zapping large sums.)

Joining using other assets:

First of all select the asset you desire by either typing its name or pasting the token contract address. Then select the amount you want to use, either clicking max or typing it!

The UI will compute how many PLP value you will get, how much they are worth, and the amounts of the two pool's assets. You can use the "Settings" window to select transaction speed and slippage tolerance!

Slippage, in simple terms, is the loss that can occur as other swaps of these tokens take place during the processing of your transaction. To help avoid slippage you can set your gas price higher.

Please note that you might get a lower PLP value than the value of the token you are swapping, because of slippage and price impact. Keep this in mind if you are using low liquidity tokens to join!

Make sure to save before closing the "Settings".

Once all of this is done, click on "Join". You will be required to confirm the transaction on MetaMask, and once it is confirmed you will receive the PLP tokens in your wallet!

You have successfully opened your position!

Analytics Frame:

On the right, users will be able to check a detailed representation of how Sorbetto Fragola is performing over time, as well as some valuable metrics that will give a detailed picture of the current LPing situation. The graph in the centre is intended to explain in what range Fragola is currently providing liquidity, as well as where the boundaries of our current strategy are. As of right now, the rebalance will be called and triggered once the blue line reaches 80% of either side. Once a rebalance happens, it is represented in the graph as a steep shift of both boundaries in the same direction. If you are interested in understanding what a tick is and how they work please refer to this article here.

Monitoring Open Positions:

You can now monitor all your positions in the "My Open Positions" page! You can find any pools you want using the Search or Sort functions, as well as adding more assets by simply clicking on it!

Here you will see all the basic info, as well as if the position is currently generating fees or not!

Your PLP Value will increase over time, as more and more fees are collected!

Underneath, you will also see all the currently open LP farming positions!

Withdraw PLPs and Close Positions:

If you want to Withdraw some or all of your PLP tokens, you can do so by using the "Withdraw" Button:

This window will allow you to select how many of your PLPs you wish to redeem for the underlying tokens. You will receive the amount of each token proportional to the current ratio at which Fragola is providing liquidity. In most cases, this will NOT be 50/50.

The block of information at the bottom gives you the expected amount of tokens that you will receive!

Please note that this exposes the user to Impermanent Loss risk!

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