Popsicle Finance
Popsicle Governance Dashboard
In response to the unique situation of Popsicle Finance being multichain and there being no ready-made governance solutions tailored to this, we have built our own cross-chain voting Governance Dashboard. Check it out here.


Users can put raise proposals about any issue that they may find important for the Popsicle Finance community to consider and perhaps implement. From Tokenomics, marketing, all the way to tech or new products. Whatever flavor they desire.

How it works:

Step 1) Users connect to the governance dashboard and are identified by their connecting wallet address.
Step 2) Assuming users have enough voting power (minimum voting power to make a proposal is n10 ICE, more on this below), they can make a proposal using the "create" button on the "proposal" page. Step 3) At least Quadratic 10% of the circulating supply of nICE needs to support the proposal so that it can be moved to "Voting". You can always check how much support your proposal has received and how much it still needs to be moved to "voting" thanks to the progress bar shown in the top right corner.
In order to gain support, users that make a proposal, or support it, can visit the community channels in Discord and Reddit to spread awareness of the proposal.
Step 4) Once the Proposal has received enough support votes, it is automatically moved into the voting section. Step 5) The mods collect all arguments for, and all arguments against, and the team provides their statement to the proposal. Step 6) The vote commences in the voting section, where users will be allowed to vote in favor or against the proposal.
Step 7) Once/If the vote has gone through the team will implement it.

Voting Power:

In order to make voting fair and secure to major governance attacks, the following considerations for Voting Power will be used.
  • Tokens Owned - Your voting power is calculated by the amount of nICE you have; in your wallet, staked, or provided to an ICE LP (square rooted). It does NOT include unclaimed rewards yet to be harvested.
  • Quadratic Calculations are used to calculate wallets voting power, meaning that the amount of tokens a user has is square rooted. If you want to read more about quadratic voting please see this post by Vitalik.
  • Time held - To incentivize true holders, Voting Power of a user gets a multiplier which is calculated by how long a user holds at least 75% of their tokens. The multiplier is dependent on the length of time held as follows:
    • 3+ months - voting power is multiplied by 1.25
    • 6+ months - voting power is multiplied by 1.5
    • 9+ months - voting power is multiplied by 1.75
    • 12+ months - voting power is multiplied by 2
You can check your Voting Power in the Governance Portal and is compiled based on your assets on all supported chains and is displayed the same in the Governance Dashboard regards of with blockchain your wallet is currently connected to.
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