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How to Bridge

Bridge nICE

Bridge nICE Tokens directly on Popsicle's user interface thanks to Anyswap Network!
In order to bridge nICE tokens, you can also user our UI! Depending on the version of the UI you are using (either pro or light) you will need to click on the "Bridge" button. You will be redirected to the following page:
Select the starting chain on the left side, and the arrival chain on the right. Inser the amount of nICE you want to bridge. Double check the amounts and fees in the info box underneath, and then click on the "Bridge" button in the bottom right corner!
Bear in mind that all the bridge transactions are managed by the Anyswap Network. Delays on large sums may happen, but transactions always go through! Thanks for your patience!

Bridge Parameters

Each one of these parameters is network-specific, and will vary depending on the arrival and departure chain!
  • Maximum Crosschain Amount - Maximum amount that can be sent in one single transaction.
  • Minimum Crosschain Amount - Minimum Amount required to bridge tokens.
  • Crosschain Fee - Fee required to bridge your tokens.
  • Minimum Crosschain Fee - Minimum Fee required to bridge tokens.
Bear in mind that currently only nICE bridging is supported on our UI, but we are working on adding ICE as well, stay tuned!